Our Story

Flying The Coop

When I came to Canada in 2016, I picked up my career where I had left off in Europe: Working in a marketing department for a company whose products I liked but ultimately had no attachment to. Products that were mass-produced in China and then put in pretty packaging to sell to North American consumers.

“I was putting lipstick on a pig, and to be honest, I wasn’t very comfortable doing it anymore.”

Our Story

Getting my ducks in a row

Sick of contributing to this cycle of global capitalism, I started out to build a business that sold products that were locally made without exploiting humans, our planet or animals and that gives back to the community. I quit my corporate job, contacted local makers and small businesses in Canada, and began building the online store you see today. This is how FAIR/SQUARE was born.

Our Story

Betting on the right horse

Being self-employed gives me the freedom to do what I believe in on my own time. It allows me to be at home to raise our daughter and it allows me to support local farm animal sanctuaries with our profits – two things that are incredibly important to me.

Looking ahead, we’re hoping to grow further and offer you, our customers, even more awesome vegan products made in Canada. We’re full of ideas and can’t wait to bring some of them to life in the near future.

Our Values

Our Donations

Giving back to the vegan community is at the heart of FAIR/SQUARE. Over the last three years we’ve supported many vegan-minded organizations with cash or in-kind donations. There are three organizations that stand out to us and that we’d like to invite you to consider supporting as well: Animal Justice, fighting for stronger animal laws in Canada, and the vegan food banks in Toronto and London.

local animal sanctuaries that we have donated to:

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