A vegan-owned and operated retailer with a focus on ethically-sourced goods from local, independent makers. Our mission is to make the vegan lifestyle easy and accessible for Canadians from Coast to Coast – while giving back to animal sanctuaries and other vegan organizations.

We know it can be tiresome to read labels and to research the companies you want to buy from. That’s what we’re here for. We take the guesswork out of your shopping experience and empower you to make a better choice. 

From Fairtrade chocolate to artisan vegan cheese, we select products that are better for you, for the people making them, and for the planet.

Make a purchase. Make a difference.

Supporting the vegan community has always been a part of our DNA: our first donation to a local animal sanctuary was in July 2017, only 4 months after FAIR/SQUARE was founded.

Over the years, we have supported five local animal sanctuaries in need with cash and in-kind donations. We have also supported Animal Justice in their fight for stronger animal protection laws in Canada and supported the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank, a food bank handing out 100% vegan foods to people in need.

We have a formal commitment to donate 10% of our annual profts to these causes. And the best part? You get to decide where your donation goes by selecting your favourite organization at checkout

Raising the bar

Our products

At FAIR/SQUARE, we’re committed to raising the bar on what it means to be a responsible and conscientious retail store.

We believe in a society where our choices make an impact and we know it matters to you who and what you support with your money. We feel that same responsibility when we decide what products to buy for the store and we are committed to source products responsibly.

We stock our shelves with products that are:

By sourcing these products we are doing our part to reach the following Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations:

Reducing our environmental impact

We have a strong commitment to reducing our environmental impact and not only becoming a carbon neutral but a climate positive company, removing more carbon from the air than we are emitting.

This journey consists of several steps that encompass monitoring and measuring our current CO2 emissions in several areas to define clear reduction targets. We aim to be climate positive by the end of 2022.

On top of that we are also actively looking for ways to reduce our waste output and increase our recycling efforts. 

Our story

How IT started

Hi, my name is Kat. Originally from Germany, I came to Canada in 2016.

I was lucky to pick up my career where I had left off in Europe – working in a marketing department of a company whose products I liked but ultimately had no attachment to. Products that were mass-produced in China and then put in pretty packaging to sell to North American consumers.

I was so grateful to have found a job so quickly but something just didn’t feel right anymore.

I wanted to do better and create something on my own. I had never started a company but I had an ambitious idea: to build a business that sells products made without exploiting humans, our planet or animals and that gives back to the community.

I quit my corporate job, contacted local makers and small businesses, and began building the online store you see today. This is how FAIR/SQUARE was born.

Where we are today

In 2021, FAIR/SQUARE is a real family business. I run this business with the help of my husband and mother-in-law who is my 1st employee and helps fulfil orders. We also have a 3-year old daughter who, let’s be honest, is the real boss around the place. 

Running my own business has been very challenging at times but always fulfilling. I am proud that it allows me to be a role model for our daughter and show her what you can achieve with grit and determination (and the loving support of your family).

My husband, daughter and I are vegan ourselves and passionate about vegan food, sustainability, and making a difference in our community and beyond.

In May 2021, we opened our Brick & Mortar retail store in Woodstock, ON. 

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