Greentree Kitchen + Milky Way Farm
Fresh Meals & Produce

Greentree Kitchen Meals

Every Saturday, the menu items for the following week are available for pre-order. Meals are dropped off Tuesdays and Thursdays and can be picked up after 12 pm (noon), the following day or the day after that. We usually have a limited number of extras available for walk-ins.

Message us or call the store at 226-557-9827 if you want to make sure we have meals left.

NEW: Fresh Produce from Milky Way Farm

Milky Way Farm is asmall-scale family farmjust south of Woodstock Ontario. They useregenerative organic low-till practicesto grow a wide variety of fresh vegetables year-round and operate a heated greenhouse to grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber during the summer, and fresh salad greens through the winter.

Rosy's Gluten-free Kitchen

Rosy’s Kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free baker based in Oxford County. Their gluten-free baked goods help celiacs and people with sensitivities who want to feel good and buy fresh, homemade baking. All products carries by Fair/Square are vegan as well as gluten-free.