Garlic & Chive Vegan Cheese
Garlic & Chive Vegan Cheese
Garlic & Chive Vegan Cheese

Garlic & Chive Vegan Cheese

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A creamy, herb and garlic cheese. Perfect on a cheese platter, spread on a bagel, or added to your favorite pasta for a rich and savory sauce.

Unlike other vegan cheeses, VEGCHEESE is completely nut-free. Made with organic ingredients, it's also gluten-free and dairy-free.


VEGCHEESE was born out of our need to live healthily, kindly and intentionally without sacrificing our taste buds. Our goal was to create an artisanal vegan cheese line without nuts and gluten to ensure that those with allergies or intolerances can still enjoy dairy-free cheese. We think we've accomplished this! \n \nIf we can’t feed it to our family, we will not feed it to our customers. We will always stand behind the quality of what we’re creating. We produce all of our cheeses in small batches in Ontario, Canada and with lots (and lots) of love!
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