Top 8 Fairtrade Vegan Chocolate Bars From Canada

Top 8 Fairtrade Vegan Chocolate Bars From Canada

We know good Fairtrade vegan chocolate bars can be hard to find…So with May being Fairtrade month and World Fairtrade Day coming up on May 13th, we’ve rounded up our favorite Canadian chocolate bars from companies that focus on fair and good quality ingredients to make vegan chocolate bars that you won’t be able to resist.

By choosing Fairtrade chocolate, you’ll make sure to avoid contributing to such uncomfortable truths such as forced child labor, dangerous working conditions and disrespectfully-low wages that are so prevalent in today’s chocolate-obsessed world.

Choose Fairtrade or Direct Trade, so the calories are the only thing you need to feel guilty about when eating chocolate.

From small Canadian chocolatiers handcrafting each batch to large Fairtrade leaders making vegan chocolate around the clock, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. ‘Cause let’s be honest, just because it’s getting warmer outside doesn’t mean we will eat any less chocolate…



|  From Vancouver, BC
|  100% vegan chocolate selection

One of our favorite chocolate brands! From humble beginnings in their home kitchen in Vancouver to stints at the local church and a vegan cupcake shop, Zimt Chocolate has come a long way. Today they make raw chocolates with pure ingredients. Their beautiful white wrapping represents exactly that.

All of their ingredients are certified organic and they don’t use any refined sugars. Instead, they sweeten their chocolates with coconut sugar and nectar, Zimt uses Fairtrade cacao from Ecuador and Peru for their raw chocolate bars. Both chocolate suppliers are committed to making sure that those who harvest and process the cacao are treated with respect and receive a fair paycheck. On top of that, Zimt donates 1% of their sales proceeds to help those in need.



|  From Saint-Laurant, QC
|  Vegan & non-vegan chocolate selection

Galerie au Chocolat is a Canadian owned and operated chocolate-maker from Quebec. They use Fine Belgian Chocolate and other high-quality ingredients for fillings and inclusions. All products are free of oils, emulsifiers, and preservatives. The chocolate factory is peanut-free and kosher. Galerie au Chocolat is best known for Fairtrade and organic chocolates.



|  From Ottawa-Gatineau, ON
|  Vegan & non-vegan chocolate selection

Camino is a true pioneer in the Fairtrade industry who has started out in 1999. The Canadian Co-operative is based out of Ottawa-Gatineau and co-owned by their employees. Besides chocolate bars, they also offer things such as Fairtrade coffee, sugar, and coconut.

All their chocolate bars are made from certified Fairtrade and organic ingredients sourced from small-scale family farmers. Their selection includes vegan and non-vegan chocolate bars so make sure to check the ingredient list.



|  From Toronto, ON
|  100% vegan chocolate selection

ChocoSol is an artisanal chocolate maker from Toronto with a broader mission. They’re a social enterprise and a learning community. What that means is, that they don’t just exist to make a profit but to use their profit for the greater good. They have direct trade relationships with their cocoa growers that go beyond Fairtrade and organic in both growing conditions and in pricing.

ChocoSol uses a unique blend of cacao varieties from indigenous communities in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. All of their chocolate bars are stone-ground in their own facility. Moreover, all of their chocolates are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free.



|  From Toronto, ON
|  100% vegan chocolate selection

PASCHA Chocolate has amazingly pretty wrappers and an amazing commitment to doing things right. Based out of Toronto, their full chocolate line up is all-vegan. What’s really exciting is that they’re soon launching a milk chocolate line made with rice milk, so vegans can finally indulge in some milk chocolate again.

PASCHA Chocolate uses certified Fairtrade and organic ingredients.Their chocolate bars are free from peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn and carrageenan (a common emulsifier). They’re also a fellow member of 1% for the Planet. Hooray!



|  From Quebec, QC
|  Vegan & non-vegan chocolate selection

Theobroma Chocolat is a French chocolate brand from Quebec City with a sizable selection of vegan chocolate bars. They use Fairtrade ingredients to make pure and natural gluten-free chocolates. And they take organic seriously. They own Ecocert’s first organic processing plant in Canada.

We also like that their chocolate bars come in a smaller ‘stick’ format which is easy to take with you and allows you to try more of their yummy flavors.



|  From Vancouver, BC
|  Vegan & non-vegan chocolate selection

Two girls from Vancouver started Zazubean more than 10 years ago. Today Zazubean makes organic superfood chocolates that highlight ingredients such as yerba mate, maca or acai. Their colorful packaging and cheeky chocolate names are sure to grab your attention when you’re out hunting for treats.

All of Zazubean’s chocolate is certified organic and certified Fairtrade, ensuring that all people connected to the product have been treated with dignity and respect. They’ve changed recipes for most of their chocolate bars to make them vegan but a few non-vegan ones remain, make sure to read the ingredients!

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