Black Garlic Vegan Cheese
Black Garlic Vegan Cheese
Black Garlic Vegan Cheese

Black Garlic Vegan Cheese

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The Black Garlic from Nuts for Cheese is a smooth, semi-firm wedge with a rind of activated charcoal that features earthy tones of porcini mushroom and black garlic. Nuts for Cheese products are individually handcrafted, made from fermented cashews to provide cheese lovers with a healthy, vegan alternative. Nuts for Cheese products are very versatile and can be used in many delicious recipes! All their cheeses start with a base of cultured, organic cashew milk and are chock full of other natural ingredients.

About Nuts for Cheese

Nuts for Cheese is a true passion project, and sharing their products with customers has been a labor of love. Founder Margaret Coons worked as a chef at Veg Out Restaurant in London, Ontario for five years prior to starting the business. After completing her undergraduate degree, an Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature, at the University of Western Ontario, she shifted her focus tofromology, preparing plant-based foods, and sharing her passion for vegan cooking with others.

Margaret is thrilled that from these humble beginnings, that Nuts for Cheese products can now be found across Canada and beyond. She is proud that all cheeses remain hand-crafted by a remarkably talented and passionate team in her facility in London, Ontario.

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