Wize Monkey

Wize Monkey’s tea is made of coffee leafs. They go beyond fair trade on multiple fronts. They repurpose an underused part of the coffee plant and create value out of it. With this, they’re able to generate stable, year-round jobs on coffee farms and overcome the seasonality of coffee for the farmers.

It represents a new source of revenue for a coffee farmer without the adding new inputs. They have also set a flat rate that they buy at, therefore avoiding all the struggles with variable pricing (like the coffee bean) and also ensuring that their producer and their workers earn their fair share. 

Most people hardly even realize that Kenya grows tea. Yet they’re the world’s largest exporter! 

– Justea Canada –


JusTea is based out of Vancouver and has established Kenya’s first-ever, small-scale farmer-owned, Artisanal Tea Factory. They are providing fair and sustainable wages for tea farming families. Since their foundation in 2012, JusTea has created over 40 sustainable jobs for youth and women in rural Kenya.

JusTea currently employs 8 tea workers at the cottage factory, 30 people to hand-pluck leaves in the garden, and over 10 small-scale tea growers. Since 2016, they’re also a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Amoda Tea

Intentional blends, ethically-sourced ingredients, and quality you can trust. That’s what Amoda Tea is all about. Part of the reason we started Amoda was because we craved a traditional-tasting matcha that was free of any nasties and was not mass-produced.

For us, that meant traveling to Uji, Japan, the birthplace of matcha, sourcing directly and getting to know our producer. Our matcha is the purest, most vibrant we could find and it’s brimming with goodness. We don’t skimp when it comes to our matcha elixir blends either. They are rooted with the same premium matcha we sell pure.

Turmeric Teas

Turmeric Teas signature tea blends are curated to help you energize, relax, cool off or warm up. All of their teas are certified organic and are designed to help you enjoy the healing benefits of turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin without tasting like medicine! Also, each one of their turmeric tea blends contains a little bit of black pepper to optimize turmeric absorption in our bodies.

With every purchase of their tea, they make a donation to Food Banks Canada to feed a hungry Canadian. Put simply, Buy 1 Feed 1. Their teas are blended and packed by hand in Toronto.