Safety Razor - Cream
Safety Razor - Cream
Safety Razor - Cream
Safety Razor - Cream

Safety Razor - Cream

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The safety razor may seem intimidating at first, but we promise in practice it really isn’t. With its single blade, the safety razor is more precise and needs only to be run over your skin once, rather than numerous times. We’ve been conditioned to think the more blades the better, but after delving into the matter, we found out this simply isn’t true.

Well Kept’s brass safety razor comes with one blade and has been made in Canada!

Superior Shave

  • A single sharp blade provides a close shave while reducing irritation
  • The weighted handle allows you to shave without applying any pressure, again, reducing irritation
  • Dramatically reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs
  • Can be used with a moisturizing shave oil (shave & moisturize simultaneously)

Sustainable Alternative

  • The razor is made of solid brass and designed to last a lifetime
  • The razor and the blades are plastic-free
  • The blades are recyclable
  • The packaging of both blades and razor are recyclable

About Well Kept

  • Ships to anywhere in Canada

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