Smoked Mushroom Risotto

Smoked Mushroom Risotto

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A Mediterranean-inspired chanterelle mushroom side dish that has beautiful colour and a big, bold flavour. Mildly spicy, with a sundried tomato tang and our signature alder smoked chanterelle mushrooms.


  • Serves 4 (as a side, 2 as a main if you like it as much as the rest of the world).
  • Ready in 22 mins.
  • Pairs well with everything.
  • Instructions on the back of the package.

About Untamed Feast

We believe that Nature effortlessly provides the best tasting and most nutritious foods. Harvesting wild mushrooms and “weeds” has been passed down to us by our grandparents and we are proud to revive these traditions.We built this business to have a life full of adventure, to keep us connected to nature, and to elevate mushrooms and the role they play in a secure & sustainable food system.

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