Swedish Sponge Cloth - Harvest Turkey

Swedish Sponge Cloth - Harvest Turkey

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  • Use instead of a regular sponge
  • Super-absorbant
  • Compostable

Autumn leaves and a Harvest Turkey is an iconic reminder to take a moment and be grateful for all that we have.

Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers, these super-absorbent cloths can be composted after their 6+ months of use.

How to use the Swedish Sponge Cloth

Simply soak in water to soften and then use how you would a paper towel or regular sponge. Use to wipe counters, scrub dishes, clean appliances, wipe windows, polish surfaces and more!

How to care for your Swedish Sponge Cloth

To clean, toss in the washing machine or place on the top rack of the dishwasher. Lay flat to dry. When your Swedish sponge cloth has reached the end of its lifecycle (9 months or even more!), toss in the compost. 

About Ecologie by Danica

We take pride in designing joyful, color-forward prints that bring delight to every home. Reusable, compostable and beautiful, our sponge cloths and beeswax wraps will help you ditch single-use paper and plastic products. Authentically made in Sweden, and screen-printed using non-toxic inks, our sponge cloths are made in the traditional fashion, using techniques developed in 1949. We are so excited to help households across America make a meaningful and sustainable change to their cleaning and food storage routine.

A portion of the proceeds from Ecologie sales goes to Education Without Borders (EwB), a non-profit organization created in 2002. Education without Borders provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk children through initiatives in South Africa and North America, including after-school support programs in Math, English, Science, school leadership and youth mentorship.

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