Spinach Cheese Pies
Spinach Cheese Pies

Spinach Cheese Pies

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  • 2 Vegan Spinach Cheese Pies (264 g)

We take our delicious tofu feta, add in some chopped spinach and a touch of dill, then roll up into our buttery phyllo dough. Bake from frozen in the oven and you will have a meal that satisfies that comfort food craving!

About Situ's Kitchen

Our products are developed with our philosophy and mission to make them delicious, convenient, and with high-quality ingredients. What does this mean to us? One example is vegan butter, as most use palm oil and there are many ethical issues with that; topmost rainforest deforestation. The butter we use is from a company that uses sustainable palm oil that is not destroying the rainforests.

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