Parmasan-style Vegan Cheese

Parmasan-style Vegan Cheese

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Raw Vitality Original Parma-Veg Vegan Parmesan Shaker is a raw, vegan, organic Parmesan cheese seasoning made with soaked walnuts and soaked & sprouted sunflower seeds and it contains no dairy. It will add spice and life to your rice, pasta, salads, veggies, popcorn and your other favorite recipes.

About Raw Vitality

Raw Vitality offers premium gluten-free, organic and vegan snack foods! Created with clean, readable and organic ingredients, Raw Vitality offers clean and delicious snacks like Flax Quinoa Crackers, Brownies, Kale Chips, Goji Stix, Parma Veg Seasoning and Macaroons. Try Raw Vitality and not only taste but feel the difference a conscious manufacturing process makes!

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