Re-Gift Bag
Re-Gift Bag
Re-Gift Bag
Re-Gift Bag
Re-Gift Bag

Re-Gift Bag

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The gift that keeps on giving! Spread joy and sustainability with gift bags that can be reused over and over again. Non-seasonal and long-lasting. Durable hemp handles and organic cotton canvas body provide these bags with versatility and strength to withstand tasks other than gifting.

Wash & Care instructions

This bag is made with an unprocessed undyed canvas, so it will shrink on the first wash. You will also experience some softening of the material. These effects are already accounted for when it is designed.

Please wash it following the steps below:

  1. Empty the bag.
  2. There is no need to turn it inside out.
  3. Machine wash:
    • Cold water: helps to reduce shrinkage and is better for the environment.
    • Delicate cycle.
    • Conventional laundry detergent is OK to use, but a neutral and natural laundry detergent will be gentler to the textile fibers.
    • Do not add bleach, fabric softener or stain removers
  1. Hang to dry: Allow the bag to dry in a well-ventilated area free from direct sunlight.
    • Spread bag open in order to allow air to enter.
    • Hang it by its handles using a hook or clip. Do not tie a knot with the handles.
    • Allow it to dry thoroughly, as semi-dry conditions may cause mold.
  2. Iron to reduce wrinkles:
    • Set your iron on medium heat. Ironing on high heat may cause the canvas surface to slightly burn.
    • Use the steaming function, if available. If not available, spray a small amount of water in the areas about to be ironed. 

About Rather Green

We are dedicated to helping people live more sustainably. We design and produce bags that help preserve and protect the environment without jeopardizing human well-being in the process. Our principle is that nature and people can and should exist in harmony.

The concept behind “Rather Green” is that we take steps towards sustainability that go beyond the direct benefits of the bags themselves. For instance, the direct benefit of using reusable bags is the decrease in demand for single-use plastics. However, the same product can also carry indirect benefits that make it a rather sustainable option, such as being made of organic cotton and hemp; materials that pollute very little to be produced and are able to return to the natural environment after its life cycle is completed. To reinforce this concept and offset come of our carbon footprint, we plant one tree in Brazil for every $30 in sales.

All our bags are handmade here in Canada by ourselves as well as by amazing local small seamstresses specialized in sewing bags. By producing right here in Canada, we can be sure that we are not sponsoring any sweatshop-like practices, and we also get to keep more dollars in our domestic economy, distributing revenue across the small communities where the bags are sewn. By working together with skillful seamstresses, we get to learn from their experience and improve the quality of our products constantly.

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