Potato & Chroizo Taquitos
Potato & Chroizo Taquitos
Potato & Chroizo Taquitos

Potato & Chroizo Taquitos

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Enjoy our savoury and slightly spicy potato & chorizo taquitos that are bursting with authentic flavours. We’ve made ours with our secret chipotle & ancho chili sauce and fresh BC potatoes. Our chorizo is made with all the spices you expect in a chorizo blended into TMRW Foods vegan ground.

These Are The Taquitos You’ve Been Waiting For!
Described as “dangerous” and “addictive”, our taquitos are serious fiesta essentials. A taquito is a rolled up tortilla filled with delicious fillings, and we wrap ours in our signature Organic flour tortillas and fill them with our authentic recipes that will leave you craving more and more. Whether you want a healthier convenient snack or appetizers for the table – these are the taquitos you have been missing. Each pack comes with 4 large taquitos! Cook them easily by baking or air-fry from frozen or for an extra treat – pan-fry!

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