Original Cheeze Sauce
Original Cheeze Sauce
Original Cheeze Sauce

Original Cheeze Sauce

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  • 150g pouch
  • Vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • No added preservatives, fillers, or oils

Our powdered Plant-Based Cheeze will remind you of your childhood bowls of creamy Mac N Cheese...But we're the NEW CHEEZE in town. Plant-Based, Organic & Gluten-Free. You can now enjoy your delicious comfort foods while knowing they're also healthy!

When you mix our powdered Cheeze with your favourite Plant-Based Milk you get to choose if you want it Creamy, Saucy or Melty! Mac N Cheeze, Cheezy Nachos, Cheezy Dips & More. The possibilities are endless! See cooking instructions.

Each 150g pouch has over 5 Servings per pouch. How much is that?

  • 5 plates of Cheezy Nachos
  • 9 bowls of Original Mac N Cheeze
  • 7 Grilled Cheezes

Versatile cheeze sauce

Our Original Cheeze Sauce can be used in endless ways depending on how you mix it. 

  • Creamy: Mix 1/2 Cup Original Cheeze with 1 1/2 Cup plant-based milk
  • Saucy: Mix 1/2 Cup Original Cheeze with 1 Cup plant-based milk
  • Melty: Mix 1/2 Cup Original Cheeze with 1/2 Cup plant-based milk

About Plantworthy Food

Andrew Zuk Founded Plantworthy Food in 2017 with one mission in mind: Make Plant-Based Foods Easy. Life gets busy but that doesn’t mean convenient foods need to be unhealthy. We make our foods from organic ingredients with no added preservatives, fillers or oils.

All of our plant-based foods are non-perishable so you can whip up quick meals that are both delicious and nutritious. With our foods stored in your pantry, they’re ready for you when life gets busy.

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