Beyond Meat Mini Calzone

Beyond Meat Mini Calzone

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Keeping up with the Better-for-you food market we have also teamed up with Beyond Meat® to create 100% plant-based appetizers. Our Mini Calzones can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of any dietary restrictions!

About Oggi Foods

Oggi Foods is a pioneer in producing gourmet and authentic gluten-free Italian pizzas. Our story originates in the Naples region of Southern Italy. It was here that pizza was created and the standards of quality and taste set. Using our Neapolitan recipes we created an authentic pizza without the gluten and with the finest GMO-free ingredients.

After seeing so many people struggle to find great-tasting pizza without gluten, Oggi Foods wanted to create the perfect pizza crust that would not only cater to people suffering from celiac disease but anyone who just wants great-tasting pizza. Keeping up with the Better-for-you food market we have also teamed up with Beyond Meat® to create 100% plant-based/vegan pizzas. These Beyond Meat pizzas will have even non-vegans looking for a second slice!

Oggi strives to create the best fresh frozen products, that are delicious, nutritious, and allergen-free. Winning multiple awards our gluten-free crusts are the only ones in the industry with rising air pockets. By combining traditions and modern innovation Oggi has made the best gluten-free pizza on the market!

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