Granola - Salted Caramel
Granola - Salted Caramel

Granola - Salted Caramel

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  • 300 g of granola
  • Non-GMO
  • High source of fibre

About Oatbox

We all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, too often, we skip the morning meal with the excuse of being in a hurry. Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs who never took the time to eat nutritiously in the morning, Oatbox aims to redefine breakfast with clean, authentic, and healthful products inspired by foodies, artists, entrepreneurs, early birds, and busy people. Oatbox is from Montreal, Quebec. At Oatbox, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a healthful breakfast to start the day off right. This is why we are proud to support the Breakfast Club of Canada by helping children have access to a nutritious morning meal. For every purchase, we give one bar to the Club.

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