Oat Barks - The Needy Seeds
Oat Barks - The Needy Seeds

Oat Barks - The Needy Seeds

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  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Preservative-free
  • Sweetened with maple syrup; only 6g of sugar per pouch
  • High fiber
  • Source of iron
  • 8g of plant-based protein

Not the biggest fan of nuts? We’ve got you covered with The Needy Seeds! Full of seeds, and rich in flavor with a (very mild) ginger kick! Our oat barks are promised to be enjoyable for all. They are full of wholesome ingredients that will keep you satiated and full of energy!

Take them everywhere you go; no compromises necessary when it comes to taste, health and cravings! Keep them handy for those hangry moments!

What are Oat Barks?

When it comes to taste and texture, they are the perfect blend of a cookie, a cracker, and a granola bar – all in one!

About Lazy Hari Bites

It all started with homemade granola: My family and I have always loved having granola almost daily but found that most often than not they were too sweet and did not have that toasted warm and home-y feeling! That’s when I began baking my own granola at home and for my family to enjoy. It eventually evolved into experimenting with different spices and tastes to come up with new and exciting flavors, while still being refined-sugar-free and full of nourishing goodness!

Constantly on the go and wanting to take the granola with me everywhere for a healthy snack and a boost of energy I came up with the Oat Barks; clean ingredients, low in sugar, and high in nutritional goodness! I spent the next few weeks in the kitchen mixing, measuring, baking, and jotting down notes in my little notebook until it all came together beautifully

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