Reusable Bamboo Mug - Shapes Cafe Yo
Reusable Bamboo Mug - Shapes Cafe Yo

Reusable Bamboo Mug - Shapes Cafe Yo

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Did you know that 16 billion paper cups are used every year for coffee? Because of that millions of trees are cut down and a billion gallons of water are wasted. The worst is that most disposable coffee cups get used for only a few minutes. It's time to refuse plastic.

Love coffee to go, but aware of environmental issues? Using our Reusable Bamboo Café Yo Cups is a small step in the right direction to help the planet. Replace disposable containers for your drinks and reduce your ecological footprint with our bamboo fiber cups!

Bamboo is an inexhaustible ecological resource. It doesn’t need to be replanted and renews itself naturally.

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Since the beginning we have valued attention to small details and fair production, which is why we work with small factories that enable economic development and sustainable job creation. We inspect each factory in person to make sure the employees work decent hours, that they are paid fair wages and that there is no child labor. ­All our garments are proudly designed in Montreal, Canada and produced ethically here and abroad.

Our goal is to make quality products rather than to have an overflowing inventory. Making clothes, swimsuits and accessories that we are proud of is the most essential thing for us.

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