Gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix
Gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix

Gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix

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  •   415 g of vegan cake mix

At Lulubelle & Co, we seek to promote healthy food choices, in respect and harmony with the planet.  We favor short supply chains because that’s how you get organic, chemical and pesticide-free ingredients. But that’s not everything… We push to improve local food-growing methods, so that our children’s children can partake in a healthy and fruitful planet. In a word, we contribute to the planet’s well-being, one bite at a time.

Compostable packaging

Good news! Our delicious and colorful Lulubelle & Co products are now presented in packaging made entirely from renewable materials, GMO-free and based on organic materials, which compost in ~ 8-12 months! 

Les Vergers D’Afrique

As a women-owned business, we believe in giving back to communities and empowering women. Through Les Vergers D’Afrique, Lulubelle sponsors the purchase of fruit trees and garden seeds to be planted by local families in Burkina Faso, enabling local women and families to achieve self-reliance in terms of food and economic development.

Since we started encouraging Vergers d’Afrique, we have initiated talks to develop a Fair Trade partnership with Burkina Faso women who produce organic cassava flour and tapioca starch. Sustainability and fair trade are core values that define Lulubelle’s social mission.

About Lulubelle & Co

At Lulubelle, we believe that in order to have a good product, you need good ingredients. And yet, the mixes you find on the market are filled with mystery ingredients impossible to pronounce. And that homemade taste you were craving is nowhere to be found. So we have solved the problem by creating a line of organic bread, pastry mixes and food coloring so that you can benefit from a wholesome and organic alternative. And you know what? They’re seriously delicious!

We always use the best available organic products. All our ingredients are Canadian grown, save for the exotic ingredients, such as cocoa and coconut. Take the leap and discover the richness of our organic, local flours. Easy to use at home, Lulubelle & Co’s products are scrumptiously gourmet and versatile, fully developed and handcrafted in Canada. What’s there not to like?

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