No Beef Vegan Ground

No Beef Vegan Ground

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This seasoned plant-based ground beef is an excellent alternative to meat. It contains a wealth of complete soy protein and is a good source of dietary fiber. Contains 85% less fat than regular beef.

About Luda

Herman founded LUDA Foods in 1951 with a vision for rethinking and simplifying hard-working cooks’ work station and bringing them the best value. His idea was that his team would fuss and struggle with all the details so that their customers wouldn’t have to. He brought together an entire family of like-minded foodies: diligent, prompt, creative, and dedicated to their customers. Maybe they were a little picky about details… but always for their customer’s best interest.

Today, three generations later, we continue to specialize in making a wide variety of reliable dry mixes and refrigerated concentrates all carefully made in Canada. And we are still finicky about the details!

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