Loose Leaf Tea Trio - Purple Tea
Loose Leaf Tea Trio - Purple Tea
Loose Leaf Tea Trio - Purple Tea

Loose Leaf Tea Trio - Purple Tea

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A variety pack of our top selling Purple Tea flavours: Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine, Purple Chocolate. Each tin perfectly stacks together. Comes with a hand-carved Kenyan teaspoon.

Award-Winning Taste:
Purple Rain: Bright & Lively, Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus
Purple Jasmine: Light & Floral, Spring Jasmine & Honey
Purple Chocolate: Sweet & Smooth, Pure Chocolate & Delicate Rose

Caffeine: Very Low

Purple Super Leaf: A cultivar that naturally grows purple tea leaves, similar to other healthy purple superfoods like blueberries and acai.

Antioxidant Boost: Purple Tea contains more antioxidants than Kenyan green tea with half the caffeine.

Garden to Cup Freshness: Our direct-trade partnership gives you the freshest tea possible and the farmer a fair wage.

Organically Grown: Hand-picked in Kenya. No pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on our tea leaves.

Why tea from Kenya?

There are over 500,000 small-scale farmers in Kenya who grow and export over 450,000 tons of tea each year. That makes Kenya the world’s largest exporter of tea, ahead of some of the more famous tea countries such as China, Sri Lanka, and India. The equator divides Kenya, so the year-round sunshine means the tea is grown and plucked almost all year round. Moreover, Kenya’s volcanic soil naturally produces some of the world’s most flavourful tea.

About JusTea

JusTea is based out of Vancouver, Canada, and has established Kenya’s first-ever, small-scale farmer-owned, Artisanal Tea Factory. They are providing fair and sustainable wages for tea farming families. Since its foundation in 2012, JusTea has created over 40 sustainable jobs for youth and women in rural Kenya. JusTea currently employs 8 tea workers at the cottage factory, 30 people to hand-pluck leaves in the garden, and over 10 small-scale tea growers. Since 2016, they’re also a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

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