Everything is Fine - Sticker

Everything is Fine - Sticker

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  • Vinyl Sticker
  • Thick & Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size 3 x 1.3 inches
  • Made in Canada

Stick 'em on electronics, notebooks, water bottles, mirrors, bikes, cars and pretty much whatever else your heart desires.

About Pretty by Her

My name is Kelly Broocks and in 2016 I started Pretty by Her as a side hustle while I worked full-time in the Children's Mental Health field. Over the years, Pretty by Her has evolved into the values-driven, colourful and sassy brand that you are visiting today!

AUTHENTICITY + AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS I believe in fostering relationships with my customers through transparency, authenticity, kindness, and humour. I show up as my authentic self (flaws and all) and invite others to do the same!


I am committed to using my brand and social media platforms to amplify the voices of individuals and communities who have been marginalized and to fight for a world where all individuals are safe, respected, and valued.

PAYING LIVING WAGES Pretty by Her is proudly certified as a Living Wage Employer through The Ontario Living Wage Network.

SUPPORTING MENTAL HEALTH I care deeply about mental health and about supporting others to live happy and healthy lives. I dream of a day when everyone who needs mental health support can access it. A portion of every order is donated to Mental Health and Suicide Prevention programs and services in Canada.


I pride myself in creating exceptionally high-quality products and have an amazing production team that ensures this value is always met.

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