Wellington Made | Very Dark Maple Syrup – Whiskey Barrel Aged

  • 250 ml of dark maple syrup
  • Tapped later in the season
  • Aged in a whiskey barrel
  • Canadian Grade A Syrup

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At Wellington Made there is but ONE syrup – and it’s the best. A gift from nature and our indigenous friends, dark Canadian maple syrup is tapped later in the season (if Mother Nature cooperates) and offers the most intense maple flavour. Our perfect Maple Syrup is hand tapped by our Mennonite neighbours then barrel aged for 4-8 months in freshly dumped whiskey barrels. Dark maple vs light has the highest counts of antioxidants and the whiskey – also a gift from nature! – keeps the blood flowing.

This compliment of indulgence is perfect as a drizzle on crêpes, pancakes, yogurt or ice cream. A perfect way to add a kick to your cooking, our Syrup is a fantastic (and healthy) sugar substitute. Try it in whipped cream or caramelized onions, or in a cocktail.


About Wellington Made

Since 2013, Wellington Made has been dedicated to recreating products originally prepared in the larder and still rooms of the farmstead, with a sense of terroir and craftsmanship. We hope to seek out the unusual or forgotten treasures of our past, representing them in creative and interesting ways that stimulate your palate, enhance your health, and compliment your lifestyle.

Ingredients: Maple Syrup