Nonna Pia’s | Balsamic Glaze – Strawberry Fig


  • 250 ml of balsamic glaze

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Why you’ll love it

Succulent strawberries and mission figs slow infused into Nonna Pia’s aged balsamic creating a more fruity intense finish. Unbelievable in vinaigrettes or lightly drizzled on all salads, ice cream and fresh fruit


About Nonna Pia

Nonna Pia’s Balsamic Reductions are designed to emulate the flavor and texture of aged balsamic vinegar, without bearing the significant costs, and without using thickening agents, artificial flavors or colors. The company’s Balsamic Glazes are made with 100% balsamic vinegar sourced from Modena, Italy; which is slow-cooked for 12 hours while being infused with fresh fruit.

Nonna Pia’s was established in 2010 in Whistler. Owned by Norm and Natasha Strim, the company was named after Norm’s mother Pia, or “Nonna Pia” as she is known by her grandchildren. With the assistance of their children, they began making their Balsamic Glazes at home and selling them at local farmers’ markets. After a few years of growth, an appearance on Canada’s Dragons’ Den landed them an investment and launched them to the international stage. The company is committed to sustainability, having made a concerted effort to reducing shipping material waste, sourcing local ingredients and using 100% recyclable packaging.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena, Italy, granulated cane sugar (non GMO), fresh strawberries, mission figs.

ALLERGENS: Contains naturally occurring sulphites.

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