LIVA | Raw Date Sugar – Canister

  • 400 g of date sugar
  • Source of fiber
  • Gluten-free

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LIVA raw date sugar contains only dehydrated, ground organic dates, and all of the whole food goodness they contain. For your favorite beverages use the convenient sachets or choose the 400 g canister to ensure you have LIVA on hand for all of your sweetening and baking needs. And, only LIVA offers an almost fully dissolvable date sugar making it the ideal substitute for traditional sweeteners.


Where do the dates come from?

LIVA dates are grown in Algeria and Tunisia then processed in California to make LIVA Date Sugar which is then packaged in Canada. We’re passionate about providing our products responsibly and sustainably. Our core values revolve around ensuring we treat those we work with respectfully. We set our prices and practices to be fair, honorable, and sustainable for the farmers producing our raw materials. This brings blessings to the local community in the desert, as well as you enjoying your sweets. 


How to use LIVA date sugar

You can use it just as you use most sweeteners in beverages, baking and other recipes, including savoury. Some people find it’s not quite as sweet as regular refined sugar but it’s a personal taste issue. In baking try starting with a 1:1 substitution ratio. Because of the fibre and nutrient content in our date sugar you may find it necessary to adjust the amount of flour you use although we’ve not found this an absolute requirement. 


About LIVA

Lubaina created LIVA out of a personal desire to reconnect with the sweet moments of her life with family and friends and because she knows there are many people like her who are seeking healthy, organic, whole food alternatives. LIVA will help people activate and realize the sweetness of living a good, healthy life. We’re not promoting a life-changing revolution. We are providing a more healthy alternative to traditional sweeteners by bringing an organic, whole food into the lives of people who embrace a desire to celebrate living in goodness and health.

Raw organic dehydrated dates