Kaia Naturals | Charcoal Deodorant – Lime Mint Mini

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  • 12g of natural vegan deodorant made of bamboo charcoal
  • Travel size: perfect for short trips & weekend getaways
  • Activated charcoal fights odor causing bacteria
  • Light lime & mint scent thanks to pure essential oils
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • Made in Canada



Travel size vegan deodorant with a light lime & mint scent

This natural, vegan deodorant from Kaia Naturals is made of charcoal and has a light lime & mint scent. Due to it’s smaller size, this travel-sized version is perfect for short trips and weekend getaways.


How does this deodorant work?

Ta-keh-su-mee is Japanese for bamboo charcoal. This stuff has been known for centuries for its odor controlling and detoxifying capabilities. The Takesumi deodorant fights bacteria naturally and allows you to stay odor free all day. Activated charcoal has a porous surface that acts like a magnet. As a result, it can bind substances, such as bacteria and toxins and draw them out. Try out an aluminum-free deodorant, you won’t regret it!


How does the detox process feel like?

As with any detox, you may experience some effects while your body is adjusting In your first week, you probably won’t feel a change. That’s because there are still a lot of toxins and chemicals in your body. In the second and third week, you may notice more sweating and a stronger odor than normal. This is completely normal. It is actually a sign that the detox is working! Your body is simply ridding itself of all the built-up toxins. After three to four weeks your body will have adjusted and you’ll be back to your old non-sweaty, non-smelly self (minus the toxins).

Still not sure? Read our blog post 5 Reasons To Switch To Natural Deodorant And What To Expect.


Detox tips and tricks

  • Cleanse your underarms thoroughly 1-2 times per day
  • Dry-brush underarm area once per day in circular strokes to increase circulation and massage the lymph nodes
  • Avoid processed foods, as your diet has a substantial impact on your detoxing phase
  • Sweat. Getting your glands to open up and start sweating will force the toxins out even faster
  • Drink plenty of water to expedite the flushing of toxins
  • Reapply deodorant throughout the day as needed
  • Keep a detox journal. Making daily notes for four weeks will help you stay on track.


About Kaia Naturals

Kaia Naturals is a healthy beauty brand for busy people from Toronto. They’re all about creating natural and minimalist products such as their popular charcoal deodorants and bamboo wipes. With the help of their products, you can easily transform to cleaner, greener and kinder beauty products. Being a natural beauty brand, they’re also a certified cruelty-free company. They even support Community Veterinary Outreach initiatives. These initiatives provide free veterinary medical support for animals of homeless people.


  • propanediol: eliminates skin irritation and creates a non-sticky texture, renewably sourced from corn – Eco-cert approved
  • aqua/water
  • glycerin: a mild moisturizer that softens the skin and helps bind formula together
  • sodium stearate: naturally occurring fatty acid which thickens and stabilizes formula to prevent separation
  • saccharomyces ferment (bacterial enzyme): utilizes enzymes to neutralize odor naturally
  • aloe (aloe barbadensis) leaf juice: skin softener naturally derived from the aloe plant, has anti bacterial, anti microbial and antiseptic properties
  • sodium benzoate: antimicrobial that prevents bacteria and fungus from developing – Eco-cert approved
  • caprylhydroaxamic acid (amino acid): anti-fungal agent and gentle plant based preservative
  • caprylyl glycol: skin conditioning agent with antimicrobial properties
  • magnesium hydroxide: non-hazardous alkali suspension helps to neutralize acid to control body odor
  • allantoin: skin protectant that acts as a healing agent to increase the smoothness of skin
  • charcoal powder: regulates humidity and cleanses sweat glands of bacteria to eliminate odor
  • citrus aurantifolia: pure, clinical grade sour lime essential oil
  • mentha spicata: pure, clinical grade spearmint essential oil