Our 5 Favorite Vegan Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s day is a great time to show the one you love just how much you love them, but it can be hard to shop for those who are vegan. We’ve put together a top 5 list of vegan gifts that are sure to make your special someone swoon. 

1 | Chocolate

Chocolate is Valentine’s classic, and a lot like love – it’s sweet, simple, and you need it every day to survive (right?!). Want to shower your special someone with the best chocolate that money can buy, but also don’t want to feel like you’re contributing to poor work conditions? Chocosol, Zimt Chocolates, Galerie au Chocolat and our other chocolates have you covered. They’re Fairtrade certified or Direct Trade so farmers get a fair shake, totally vegan so cows don’t need to be involved, and the most tested and true gift you can give. Did we mention that there’s also vegan white chocolate available now? 

2 | Hubbub Paper Greeting Cards 

Gifts are great, but ultimately, it’s the thought that counts. Cards are a great addition to any gift where you can pour your heart into a handwritten message. Plus, your kind words will live on once all that chocolate is eaten up! Hand printed in Cambridge Ontario, Hubbub Paper Co. has a huge variety of designs to help you get your lovey-duveyfunny (or both) message across right. 

$ 5.50
$ 5.50

3 | Vegan Prosecco

There’s nothing more romantic than prosecco. Why not have a few in the tub? Check out our list of 10 Vegan Wines From Ontario You Can Get At The LCBO.

4 | A Warm Hoodie

No matter who wears the pants in your relationship, we all know that a guy’s hoodie really belongs to his partner. I’m pretty sure Einstein proved it*. Warm more than his heart this February, and pick him up a snuggly, hand-printed, and ultra-soft hoodie from FAIR/SQUARE.  


5 | Home Spa Experience 

Nothing is more relaxing that coming home and being pampered by your valentine – so put on a slow playlist, light up some candles and treat your partner to a home spa experience with the FAIR/SQUARE Bath Time gift basket or your own collection of wellness products. There’s a bath bomb and pumice brush to scrub that stress away, soap and face mask to rejuvenate the skin, and a body oil to massage …everywhere! 

Out of stock
$ 8.00
$ 20.00
Out of stock
$ 8.50

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