COCO Hot Chocolate is an independent, Canadian-owned and operated business based in beautiful British Columbia. They strive to create quite possibly the best hot chocolate in the world, using organic cocoa, organic raw cacao, and blending it with other luxurious organic ingredients.

La Siembra (Camino) Co-operative works directly with over 25 producer co-ops in 14 countries, contributing to the livelihoods of over 47,500 small scale family farmers.

– La Siembra (Camino) –


Camino is a true pioneer in the Fairtrade industry who has started out in 1999. The Canadian La Siembra Co-operative is based out of Ottawa-Gatineau and co-owned by their employees. Besides chocolate bars, they also offer things such as Fairtrade coffee, sugar, and coconut. All their hot chocolate mixes are made from certified Fairtrade and organic ingredients sourced from small-scale family farmers.