Vegan Feta Cheese

Vegan Feta Cheese

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A creamy and briny classic feta. Is remarkably versatile and can be used practically anywhere that calls for some good salty cheese. Try it crumbled over salads and soups, or toss it with roasted vegetables, grains, and pasta.

About Green Goddess Fromagerie

Green Goddess Fromagerie is an Artisan Vegan Cheese Purveyor, based in Guelph, Ontario, founded by a family of lifelong cheese lovers. Green Goddess cheese was born in the kitchen, with a desire to achieve the alignment of ethics and health without compromising exceptional taste. We love cheese, and we don’t think that dairy-free cheese needs to be a compromise. Our mission is to make the highest quality artisan vegan cheese that is creative, delicious and versatile. Cheese that can stand alone on a cheese board, make the most luxurious pasta, take your salad up a notch, or inspire your creativity in the kitchen.

All of our products are made using traditional cheese-making techniques, but non-traditional ingredients. Everything is cultured and aged in-house. Every wheel or brick is hand-formed, hand-cut, and hand-packaged.

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