Cheesy Style Sauce

Cheesy Style Sauce

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Nona's sweet and sharp (cheese-less!)Cheesy-Stylesauce impresses adults, and wins over even the most stubborn kid. Winner of the Mac and Cheese Festival’s “Best of Fest,” this sauce serves up all the indulgence of a traditional rich cheese sauce without any of the added regret. You would never guess that it’s dairy-free – as well as gluten-free and soy-free! Pour Cheesy-Style over macaroni or your favourite veggies. Pair it with some nachos, salsa and a potluck with your favourite pals!

About Nona Vegan

Nona makes dairy-free and gluten-free cream sauces. Nuts right? Right indeed! They’re made with fresh cashews! NONA is a kitchen collision between a kooky Italian mama and a modern vegan diet: Old family recipes with a taste for today. Their sauces are made in Ontario. You can feel great about investing your money close to home and in a heart-powered small business with every bite you take!

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