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Get to know Zimt Chocolates

Zimt Chocolates had some fairly humble beginnings. Founder Emma Smith started out by making chocolates in her home kitchen. When it was time to sell in retail stores, she began to manufacture out of a church kitchen, then a vegan cupcake shop and then a vegan yogurt factory. These days Zimt operates in a proper chocolate factory.

Zimt’s priority is to make pure chocolates with pure ingredients. As a consequence, all of their ingredients are certified organic. They don’t use any refined sugars but sweeten their chocolates with coconut sugar and nectar, Zimt uses cacao from Ecuador and from Peru (certified fair trade by Transfair). Both sources are absolutely committed to making sure that those who harvest and process the cacao are treated with respect and dignity (which, includes a fair paycheck.) On top of that, Zimt donates 1% of their sales proceeds to help those in need.