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Get to know Nature’s My Friend

Jessica founded Nature’s My Friend as a small and independent studio in the Kootenay Mountains in British Columbia. She’s a traditional printmaker and detailed illustrator who loves to hand-craft quality items. The inspiration for her art comes from animals and the beautiful nature right at her doorstep in British Columbia. So it’s only fitting that she describes herself as an animal hugger & forest adventurer who cares a lot about nature. With her art, she wants to bring more of the outdoors indoors. She draws all of her designs and prints them onto cards, magnets, and pins in her own studio, making every piece unique.

As a result, she chooses the materials for her art very carefully. She works exclusively with responsibly sourced paper such as Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) paper and recycled kraft paper. Moreover, she uses only eco-friendly and organic cotton for her shopping totes.