Get to know Level Ground Trading

Level Ground Trading is a Fair Trade company located in Victoria, British Colombia. Founded in 1997 by four Canadian families, their mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged producers through trade instead of charity. The started out with buying coffee from a cooperative in Colombia and soon expanded to other countries and products. Today, the don’t just sell fairtrade coffee, but also tea, dried fruit, and cane sugar. The Fair Trade premiums go directly to projects that help the farmers like healthcare benefits, school scholarships, agricultural training, co-op projects and more.

Level Ground Trading also takes a proactive stance on minimizing their environmental footprint. They stick to a ‘zero to landfill’ mandate for their office and their roasting facility. They also compost over 20,000 lbs of organic matter and reclaim 24,000 empty coffee packages per year. And the best part for you? They made their packaging 100% compostable!

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