Get to know Happy Spritz

Happy Spritz at FAIR/SQUARE

Happy Spritz, from Vancouver, BC, produce small batches of 100% natural aromatherapy facial sprays perfect for men, women, children and even pets!  Their belief is that natural, cruelty-free and non-toxic products should be available to everyone. All of their sprays consist of superior 100% plant-based therapeutic grade essential oils. Furthermore, all of their sprays are void of alcohol, parabens, chemicals, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors.

They’re also very aware of the impact their packaging has on the environment. That’s why they don’t use plastic bottles. Their frosted glass amber bottles are not only recyclable but also help to preserve the essential oils without using any synthetic preservatives. What makes Happy Spritz even more awesome is that their mission also includes giving back. That’s why they donate a portion of proceeds to animal rescues and welfare programs.


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