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Get to know ChocoSol

ChocoSol is an artisanal chocolate maker,  social enterprise, and a learning community from Toronto. They don’t just exist to make a profit but to use their profit for the greater good. They have direct trade relationships with their cocoa growers that go beyond fairtrade and organic in both growing conditions and in pricing. ChocoSol uses a unique blend of cacao varieties from indigenous communities in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. All of their chocolate bars are stone-ground in their own facility. Moreover, they’re all vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free.

ChocoSol also puts a great emphasis on sustainability. They have an urban community garden on the roof of their production facility. Moreover, they give workshops to teach people about chocolate making. All their chocolates are wrapped in unbleached FSC-certified paper that is 100% compostable.