Level Ground Trading

At the heart of Level Ground Trading are the direct Fairtrade relationships with producers focused on quality and transparency. Level Ground Trading is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. The company was established in Victoria, BC by four Canadian families in 1997 that came together with the idea of improving the lives of disadvantaged producers through trade.

125 Million People Worldwide Depend On Coffee For Their Livelyhood

– Fairtrade Canada –

Ethical bean coffee

Ethical Bean is a proud founding Canadian B Corporation — a global group of organizations redefining success in business beyond the bottom line. They only use 100% certified Fairtrade and organic coffee, which ensures their producers are shielded from the volatilities of the coffee market — and that their beans are grown free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

Every area of their operation is built to cut down energy use and impact. Their head office is built to the highest LEED standards, their roaster cuts emissions and energy consumption by 80%, and their partnership with Bullfrog Power allows them to run on green, renewable natural gas and bio diesel.   They were also one of the first companies to introduce 100% compostable single serve pods.