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We’ll admit it, we’re big chocolate lovers over here at FAIR/SQUARE! Not a day goes by that we don’t indulge. And while it’s not too hard to find a vegan dark chocolate bar in a regular supermarket, there’s a big problem with most ‘mass market’ chocolate bars, they’re often linked to child labour! Even though most multinationals had committed to eradicate this child labour more than 10 years ago, very little has actually happened. We obviously don’t want to support this practice which is why we work exclusively with small independent chocolate makers that source their cocoa ethically.

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Soul Chocolate

We are grass-root explorers, and we just happen to love cacao. After deciding to build our own business, we launched Soul Chocolate in Toronto, Ontario. Our chocolate highlights the origin of the cacao itself alongside the unique subtleties added from both roasting and refining. 

We have also had the privilege of learning about cacao at the origin, understanding not only how it is grown but who grows it. Our goal is to create 100% Direct Trade relationships for all of our cacao, offering far higher and fair prices for the farmer’s incredibly hard work.

Zimt Chocolates are free from refined sugars! They use only coconut sugar and coconut nectar to sweeten their treats.

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Zimt chocolates

Zimt Chocolates had some fairly humble beginnings. Founder Emma Smith started out by making chocolates in her home kitchen. When it was time to sell in retail stores, she began to manufacture out of a church kitchen, then a vegan cupcake shop, then a vegan yogurt factory and now Zimt operates in a proper chocolate factory.

All of Zimt’s ingredients are all certified organic, they use only coconut sugar and coconut nectar to sweeten their treats. Moreover, they’re committed to donating 1% of all of their sales to helping those in need.

Galerie au chocolat

Galerie au Chocolat is a Canadian owned and operated chocolate-maker. They use Fine Belgian Chocolate and other high-quality ingredients for fillings and inclusions. All products are free of oils, emulsifiers, and preservatives. The chocolate factory is peanut-free and kosher. Galerie au Chocolat is best known for Fairtrade and organic chocolates.


Erin & Tori are the women behind FITZY’s , a small-batch artisan chocolate business in Vancouver. They specialize in vegan artisan chocolate made from organic premium ingredients. What started with a single caramel chocolate bar has now expanded to four delicious flavours. Al off their chocolates are gluten-free and certified organic by QAI (Quality Insurance International).

All packaging at FITZY’s is done by hand by women who struggle to make ends meet. Stickering and putting chocolate into sleeves is flexible in hours and something you can do with your kids around. Not having to pay for childcare while working is a huge bonus.

Chocosol traders

ChocoSol is a social enterprise from Toronto that turns cacao into artisanal dark chocolate. ChocoSol chocolate is made from a unique blend of cacao varieties that are sourced directly from indigenous communities in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.

Their trade relationships with the growers go beyond fairtrade and organic in both growing conditions and in pricing.  All of their chocolate bars are stone-ground. Moreover, they’re all vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free.


PRANA is a local food company from Quebec that specializes in certified organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free, sulfite-free snacks. Their vision is to make positive and meaningful changes in Western consumer culture.

They’re a certified B-Corp and have been named in B-Corp’s prestigious ‘Best for the World 2018’ list. PRANA actively strives to reduce and offset their environmental impact and setup sustainable farming practices in collaboration with their suppliers.


Camino is a true pioneer in the Fairtrade industry who has started out in 1999. The Canadian La Siembra Co-operative is based out of Ottawa-Gatineau and co-owned by their employees. Besides chocolate bars, they also offer things such as Fairtrade coffee, sugar, and coconut. All their chocolate bars are made from certified Fairtrade and organic ingredients sourced from small-scale family farmers.


ChocXO is a bean-to-bar chocolatier and a better for you chocolate company. With responsible portion sizes and clean ingredients, you’ll feel good about eating their chocolate. They’re proud of every ingredient that goes into their chocolate, starting with their responsibility and sustainably sourced organic cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru. They never use artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.


Zazubean is a women-owned, mission-based company located in Vancouver. They are committed to making sustainable, ethical chocolates that are healthy and taste amazing. All of their chocolates are 100 % Organic, Fair-for-life certified, soy-free, Non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, muscovado or coconut sweetened, super delicious and FUN!


Koa Natural Foods

Koa Natural Foods is a Canadian food manufacturer from Ontario that makes amazing snack foods such as A Lil Nutty, Lilo & Co, KEWAZA Healthy Bites, and The Better Brownie. Their mission is to provide you with alternative healthy and delicious snacks that encourage a healthier lifestyle and help improve your physical and mental well-being. And because of that mission, they work exclusively with organic and non-GMO ingredients to make healthy snacks that are delicious and nutritious.


COCO Hot Chocolate is an independent, Canadian-owned and operated business based in beautiful British Columbia. They strive to create quite possibly the best hot chocolate in the world, using organic cocoa, organic raw cacao, and blending it with other luxurious organic ingredients.

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