Breakfast & Brunch Favourites

Whether you like to sit down at your kitchen table or eat on the go, we all need something to get us going in the morning. We’ve curated a small but growing selection of amazingly tasty vegan breakfast and brunch staples all made in Canada!

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Chiamigos was started by Peter and Chris. The first chia seed was planted in 2016, while living their professional lives between Singapore and Canada. Accessing ready-to-eat, minimally processed, organic food was nearly impossible. This inspired the cultivation of their plant-based power snacks.

Chiamigos is ready to eat in an instant! No more soaking chia seeds over night.

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Hannah Chisholm, the founder of Eggcitables, loves to eat (a lot). Unfortunately, she has been allergic to milk, egg, and nuts her entire life. Combining the drive to eat an “egg” for the very first time and some research, she discovered the power of the chickpea. After years of development, support (and a little love) they are proud to introduce Eggcitables, a plant-based egg alternative!

Eggcitables dry formula is mixed and packaged with love at the Dartmouth Adult Services Center. DASC employs hundreds of individuals with intellectual disabilities to help them discover their passion and become active members of the community.


Jill is the founder and CEO of Fatso Peanut Butter.  Starting in the back kitchen of a local restaurant in Victoria BC, Canada, Fatso went from a side-hustle to full-time peanut butter gig within a matter of months. Fatso was developed with the elite athlete in mind, but regardless of whether you’re an athlete,  Fatso also gets how tough it can be to simply start your day off right.

Whether you are trying out a keto diet, gluten-free, or vegan or just need a better peanut butter in your life, Fatso is here to save the day.

Carrot bacon

Carrot Bacon is a small start-up from Peterborough, ON dedicated to bringing you a healthy plant-based bacon alternative. Filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber, carrot bacon packs a healthful punch that can only be matched by its power to satiate.


Castle kitchen

Castle Kitchen’s mission is to create a high quality and inspiring selection of delicious, healthy and easy to prepare foods.  We aim to join people together to create, share and enjoy our foods with family & friends. We are dedicated to bringing to North America a range of products that promote a healthy lifestyle with important dietary considerations.


Dolled Up Desserts

Modern dessert lovers experience challenges that are not being addressed. The world needs someone who has had enough with settling for second best; someone who demands that dessert, no matter what, should always taste like dessert.” Dolled Up Desserts is that leader. We are not “allergen-free”. We bake #inclusivedessert. Join us on our journey to revolutionize the way we bake dessert that was meant to be shared.



Jack, Stef and Katie founded Welo (short for We Love) in August 2016, inspired by what they had learned for themselves about the importance of probiotics and gut health. Welo is their way of spreading the word and helping people to move beyond supplements in their search for excellent health.

Since their very beginning, they have believed in creating super awesome products that do super good things for your body and make a super big difference worldwide. All of their products are made from ingredients they stand behind, and every product sold supports water, education, or food projects in Kikima, Kenya!


MadeGood is a family business with a passion for healthy food. They are committed to creating an inclusive community with half of their employees, from management to production, being women and Newcomers to Canada and people from under-represented groups. MadeGood is a B Corp and their production facility is certified Zero Waste. They are always looking for opportunities that further demonstrate their commitment to minimizing their footprint on this planet.