VegFests And Vegan Events In Canada (Updated 2018)

VegFests Canada | Toronto Veg Food Fest Harbourfront

  The vegan community in Canada is definitely gaining some traction with more and more VegFests popping up all over Canada. Here in Ontario, we’re absolutely spoiled for choice as we have so many VegFest to go to. But also the other provinces are starting to organize more of them, many had their inaugural vegan […]

Ultimate Guide to Natural Vegan Deodorant (And Our Top 5 for 2017)

Natural Vegan Deodorant Guide

There are many reasons why people want to switch to a natural vegan deodorant. If you’re not convinced yet, we recommend reading our recent blog post 5 Reasons To Switch To Natural Deodorant And What To Expect. But, where do you start once you’re convinced that you need a natural vegan deodorant? We’ll explain the […]

5 Reasons To Switch To Natural Deodorant And What To Expect

5 Reasons to Switch to Natural Deodorant and What to expect

No one wants to be the smelly one…And while many people are super enthusiastic to try a natural deodorant, they give up easily when the sweating kicks in and claim that the natural solution doesn’t work. A natural deodorant however, works entirely differently than conventional deodorant or antiperspirant. Your body will go through an adjustment phase […]

The 30 Best Vegan Apps for 2017

30 essential vegan apps

  Navigating supermarkets, drugstores and malls can be difficult when you’re a vegan and looking for animal-free and cruelty-free products. This collection of 30 vegan apps will make your life a whole lot easier. And because a lot of vegans also care about the planet and the people that live on it, we have also […]

Top 8 Fairtrade Vegan Chocolate Bars From Canada

Top 8 fairtrade vegan chocolate bars from Canada

We know good Fairtrade vegan chocolate bars can be hard to find…So with May being Fairtrade month and World Fairtrade Day coming up on May 13th, we’ve rounded up our favorite Canadian chocolate bars from companies that focus on fair and good quality ingredients to make vegan chocolate bars that you won’t be able to […]