Ultimate Guide to Natural Vegan Deodorant (And Our Top 5 for 2017)

Natural Vegan Deodorant Guide

There are many reasons why people want to switch to a natural vegan deodorant. If you’re not convinced yet, we recommend reading our recent blog post 5 Reasons To Switch To Natural Deodorant And What To Expect.

But, where do you start once you’re convinced that you need a natural vegan deodorant? We’ll explain the different options and give you some recommendations.


Common ingredients

Natural deodorants use all different types of ingredients to help you stay odor free: Some use clay powders or baking soda to absorb wetness; others use essential oils to kill the bacteria that causes odor. Some came up with new plant-based formulas to stop the chemical reaction between the sweat and the bacteria.


Baking soda

Baking soda neutralizes odor and lasts up to 24 hours. Most DIY deodorant recipes rely heavily on baking soda. While it has many benefits, it can also cause rashes, redness, dry skin and skin discoloration. The reaction is due to the differences in pH of baking soda and your skin. Commercially made deodorants usually mix baking soda with a variety of other ingredients to balance the formula whereas homemade ones (or ones bought at farmer’s markets) often fall short.  


Essential oils

Another common ingredient in vegan deodorants is essential oil. Often, they’re used to give the deodorant an appealing smell but also to fight bacteria. Tea tree oil, lemongrass, lavender or peppermint are just some of the essential oils with antibacterial properties.

Lavender essential oils


Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is a sedimentary volcanic ash that has many great qualities. It’s a unique clay due to its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. Upon contact with fluids, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. It’s also calming and soothing which makes it a great ingredient for natural deodorants.


Activated charcoal

Charcoal is having a moment right now. You see it in more and more beauty products from face masks to bath soaks to deodorants. That’s because Activated charcoal has a porous surface that acts like a magnet. As a result, it can bind substances, such as bacteria and toxins and draw them out.

Activated charcoal powder


Shape & form

Natural and vegan deodorant is available is many different forms. We’ll give you a quick overview before revealing our top 5.


Deodorant Sticks

Many people are used to deodorant sticks, so for many, it makes for an easier transition. They’re easy and quick to apply and reapply and usually last for a very long time.

Kaia Naturals Deodorant stick



Some people prefer a deodorant spray because it feels more refreshing. Especially on hot summer days, it can be nice to spray some throughout the day. Deodorant sprays usually don’t last that long because people tend to use it more heavily.



This one can be daunting for some people and it isn’t for everybody. You essentially take a pea-size amount of cream and rub it under each armpit. While it’s easy to apply it might be a challenge if you want to re-apply it “on the go”.



Deodorant powders are often not just used on your armpits but also to keep other parts of the body dry and fresh. The powder form helps to soak up moisture and stay dry. While many people love it, this is also a harder one to use “on the go”.

Our Top 5 for 2017

Are you ready to take the next step? Here are our top 5 natural vegan deodorants made in Canada:


Kaia Naturals The Takesumi Detox Juicy Bamboo

Kaia Naturals charcoal deodorant fights bacteria naturally and allows you to stay odor free all day. Activated charcoal has a porous surface that acts like a magnet. As a result, it can bind substances, such as bacteria and toxins and draw them out. This natural deodorant is also great for sensitive skin and comes with a light orange and grapefruit scent.


Green Beaver’s formula uses the anti-odorant ingredient found in sage oil combined with Canadian-grown organic Labrador tea. It’s so effective that it eliminates existing odors in addition to preventing new ones! The tea tree essential oil in this deodorant make it smells fresh and clean and it’s antibacterial properties help fight bacteria naturally.

Sudsatorium In the Pits Dusting Powder

Sudsatorium uses a combination of organic lentil flour and green ilite clay in this dusting powder to absorb moisture and keep your skin dry and soft. The trio of antibacterial pine, tarragon and rosemary essential oils stops bacteria from growing and keeps you smelling fresh and clean.

Sudsatorium In The Pits Dusting Powder

Lovefresh Grapefruit Deodorant

The mix of Kaolin clay and baking soda In this natural deodorant from Lovefresh will keep your armpits dry while the fair trade shea butter will leave your skin feeling buttery soft. The deodorant is lightly scented and smells like a tropical summer day to us.

Lovefresh deodorant grapefruit

Routine Lucy in the sky cream deodorant

Routine employs a vegan formula that smells like lavender and patchouli. This cream deodorant relies on Kaolin clay and baking soda to keep BO at bay while shea butter and cacao seed butter nourish your skin.

Routine Lucy In The Sky Cream Deodorant

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